Technical Search - Climate Tech, Sustainability, Energy, Proptech, Contech

We've successfully filled hundreds of openings in both Operations as well as Sales/Marketing. Our years of experience matching technical requirements to very specific industry experience makes us uniquely qualified. We often hear clients (frustrated by other recruiting firms) say, "finally, someone understands what we want!". We've worked with over 25 highly technical start-ups, backed by corporations, VCs, private equity and angel investors

Some of our industry experience includes the following industries:

  • Immunotherapy/Microbiome Therapeutics
  • Algae R&D (both in therapeutics and fuel research)
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Renewable Chemicals 
  • Cleantech/Alternative Fuels/Energy Conservation/Renewable Energy (Solar/Wind/Hydro Power)
  • Building Material/Materials Science R&D