Product Design Engineer / Production Engineering -- Glazing Retrofit / Fenestration

Klein, TX, USA - j-4716
I'm on the Advisory Board for INOVUES, which is an award winning Building Envelope retrofit company founded by Anas Al Kassas. It's a very exciting startup that has a tremendous product, IP, customer pipeline, and team.

2024 should be a very exciting year in growth for INOVUES. There are some very high-end projects they will be involved with that are ramping up presently.

We're looking for a Product Engineer/Designer/QC person. The role of this person is to further enhance product design of the system that is in existence, with various changes for the specific job at hand.

At times, would also help out (on location) with the toll manufacturer that INOVUES currently uses, who is also in Houston, very close by the main location.

Ideal candidate would have a background in Glazing/Curtain Wall/Window System Product Design (as opposed to Project Design). Derivative Engineers with direct industry experience would be idea.

  • 3 to 5 years of Commercial Glazing Product Design
  • Exposure to Thermal and Structural Analysis and Wind Loads
  • Civil (Structural Engineering) degree highly preferred
  • Some direct detail Shop Drawing experience preferred (mostly, my understanding, it would be more of a review function with possible revisions).
  • Ideal candidate will have worked directly for a Glazing Sub, doing custom dyes. 

Pay Commensurate with Experience. Ballpark 100K to 120K for the right candidate. 
Health Insurance paid for monthly.
No 401K match yet.
Potential for Stock Options, which could be potentially valuable!
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