Mike Pfirrman
President, Founder

Mike is the Founder of Core Competencies and has over two decades of Executive Search experience. His specialties include Specialty Construction, Building Materials, R&D and Renewable Energy. Mike has worked with over 20 highly disruptive, technology based start-ups. Sustainability is a passion for Mike. Whether it's in Building Materials or working with a VC backed startup that is changing the world, he enjoys working with companies that are not only growing, but making a difference for future generations. Leaving a legacy through his work, he has already scaled three startups that are now over a Billion (USD) in market valuation!

Because of his experience in the Algae industry and with other technical start-ups, his experience uniquely qualifies him to work in that new frontier. Among other positions he's worked on and filled, include Machine Learning, AI, Bioinformatics, Bioprocess Engineering, Chemists, Microbiologists, Genetics, Fermentation, Regulatory and more.